Web Design
Over the years I have designed many websites for myself and friends.  Currently I maintain three websites, loupet.com (this site), earthology.world and skpphotographers.com. Website design, like all my endeavors described on this website, have been self taught.  My first website was created in 1997 for my Bulldog Ham Radio business.  At that time, and for many years, I used Sitespinner which uses a WYSIWYG interface. WYSIWYG is supposedly a “What You See Is What You Get” graphical interface which requires no programing experience. Sitespinner works great if all you need is a site with text, pictures and links. However I soon found that I needed to learn some HTML programing knowledge to accomplish adding additional features to my web pages so I taught myself how to modify html code to accomplish what I needed. For the last five years or so I have been using Xara Pro which comes very close to having a true WYSIWYG interface. Zara Pro is more than just a website creation tool though. It is a full featured image editor that rivals Photoshop, can create presentations similar to MS Power Point and can not only create PDF documents but can also open existing PDF files so they can be edited in their native format. All of this is done with a single user interface. No external programs, such as an external image editor, are required for producing a finished product.
Lou Petkus