Lou, K9LU at AL9A Ham Radio
My favorite on air aspect of Ham Radio is contesting and in the picture above I am working one of the Morse code DX contests from Palmer Alaska. I started my adventure in Ham Radio in 1959 as KN9LUW.  Back then it was very common to build you own equipment. My first transmitter was home brewed from a schematic published in one of the Ham Radio magazines. I can not count the number construction projects I have done since but those were certainly a major part of my Ham Radio life.  The culmination of my construction history was my invention of the BullDog Iambic Paddles. At some future point I have plans to do an in depth article about the Bulldog story perhaps with detailed construction instructions, so, be sure to subscribe to one of my social networks above. The Bulldog Paddles worked so well that in 1997 I decided to start a business making and selling these keys. That business was very successful and at the end of 2016 I stopped making keys so I could pursue other retirement activities, RV,ing being one of them. 
K9LU Bulldog Key