Cellphone image - by LouPet Lou Petkus Brief overview about me
I am writing this in November 2017 and am seventy five years old. My wife and I live in the Chicago area. In the header above are my passions. I received my Ham Radio license in 1959 and have enjoyed that hobby ever since. Camping/Rv’ing has probably been the second strongest interest over years. In 1997 I bought my first digital camera and have been an avid photographer ever since. I also started doing web site design in 1997. Internet research began about three years ago and much of my time since has been devoted to that endeavor.   I am now applying the knowledge and skills I have learned to create websites loupet.com and eathology.world. Both are personal websites funded by me for the purpose of entertainment, news and to pass on knowledge I have learned from my research and skills. On my Youtube channel are many tutorials I have made related to photography and slide shows highlighting our family travels. I do not seek or derive any income from my websites. If you would like to be advised when I add new content to my websites please subscribe to my Youtube, Fasebook or Twitter channels. Use the linked icons at the top of the page. FYI, I use the name Lou Pet quite often as it is much easier for you to remember than Louis Petkus. I hope you enjoy the information I am providing and your constructive comments are always welcome.   -  Lou Pet