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May 27 2019
Photographing the Orchids
I hadn’t been out photographing lately so the Batavia Orchid Society’s annual orchid show was a good opportunity to brush off some of the dust from my photo equipment. All of the images from the Batavia Orchid show were taken with the Sony RX100 MK2 using available light which made the use of a tripod a must. All setting were made manually. ISO 200 was used and the aperture and shutter speed were set for each image. A remote shutter release was used. Image processing was done using Faststone Image Viewer and Photoscape. Both programs are free with donations suggested. Both programs also work great on my new Windows 10 computer. The frames were added online using http://photofuneditor.com. I plan to make a tutorial video soon to show exactly how I made adjustments and added the frames.  Be sure to click on one of the links at the top of the page to be notified when the tutorial is posted.
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Silver Dollar City -  Marvel Cave
Cave pictures can become boring and repetitive so I decided to make one, interesting, blended composite image to highlight the Marvel Cave tour Val and I took last week.  All the pictures were taken, hand held, with the Sony RX100 MK2 at ISO 1600.  This image was created using six images that were blended together using Pixlr.com’s free online photo editor. The water mark and title were created using cooltext.com.
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We are Back in Alaska - New Pictures
Three New Youtube Videos
July 2018
New Posts to My Earthology Website
July 2018
18-13                                 July 10, 2018   Video - The Unseen Realm When Lies Collude with Truth
Fire Weed Plants Fire Weed West Lake Blvd Beaver Lake Boat Launch Little Meadow Creek at Kenlar Rd
Beaver Lake - Taken from the boat launch
The Big Lake area, where we were staying the first week, is similar to northern Wisconsin or Minnesota. The weather was rainy all week and these pictures were taken as the sky was clearing. MAP Click pictures to enlarge 
My new post on earthology.world When Lies Collude With Truth
I wrote and article titled “WHEN LIES COLLUDE WITH TRUTH” Posted it on my earthology.world website. In this article I talk about exposing the fact deception is used everywhere and what to do about it.
Chicago Skyline by Lou Pet
Earlier this month (March 2019) I made a presentation at the Escapees RV Club national rally in Tucson AZ. The video below is a short slide show showing some cellphone images I used in that presentation.  I also posted the flash cards, in PDF format, with video tutorials showing how some of the images in the slideshow were made. The link to the PDF file is here.
For Android Cellphones
New Posts to My Earthology Website
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