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Exploring Earth’s hidden past, dubious present and bright future!
Lets set things straight! Trump did not create this agenda. He is only the chosen administrator. First a bit of history. Some of you may not agree with my view point, but, that is OK. In time you will  eventually start to understand. In 1871, virtually unknown to the general public, Congress passed a bill that, in reality, superseded our forefathers original Constitution. (see this 5 minute video) This led to the creation of the Central Bank which prints our fiat money. It is a private bank and is not part of our federal government. The bank’s only goal is making a profit and the profits it makes are incredible. Think trillions of dollars! All this money is fleeced from the public. The bank is still in operation today and still fleecing the people. This money system was all planned long ago, before 1871, and is being orchestrated by corrupt politicians and greedy elites. These corrupt, evil, and greedy people have infiltrated every aspect of our world society. This includes government workers at all levels including many past presidents, current law makers, politicians from both parties, the judicial system, corporations and even high level clergy. The infestation is so bad that breaking of laws is common place. They never have to worry because their corrupt friends in high places just sweep their evil deeds under the rug. Those who do not conform are punished using the same evil system against them. Why create the agenda? Fiat money systems are not new. They have been used in the ancient past and it is a known fact that they always collapse in forty to fifty years. Our current fiat money system was launched in 1913. Since then we have gone through collapses and reorganizations. Today we are on the brink of another catastrophic collapse. The plan of the evil elites was to win the 2016 election and instigate another collapse of our money system.  This would have caused complete chaos out of which they planned to create a new world society where we the people would be strongly regulated under draconian rule. Fortunately the United States Army’s oath requires it to uphold the Constitution and protect our county from all threats both foreign and domestic! They realized our country, our Constitution and our freedom are being systemically destroyed by these evil politicians and elites who intended to completely destroy our way of living envisioned by our founding forefathers. A “Plan” is created. Patriots in our military organized and created a very sophisticated “Plan” to protect and preserve our original constitutional rights! A war is being waged against our Constitution and unlike the lawless perpetrators of this war the “Plan” is following the letter of the law as set forth in our forefathers’ Constitution. No one will be able to successfully challenge the legality of any of this “Plan’s” actions! What is the “Plan’s” current status?  Astute investors already know the stock market (the stocks that make up market indexes like the Dow Jones) is being completely manipulated and it is a tug of war! The bad guys are trying to make it collapse while the good guys are countering those actions. At the moment the goal of the bad guys, if they get the market to collapse, is to use that as ammunition to defeat Trump in the 2020 election. Trump on the other hand needs re-election to keep the “Plan” in operation. The “Plan” will take many years to be completely implemented. And yes, the “Plan” is on track and is winning The truth of the matter. The corrupt politicians and banking system has allowed the bad guys to accumulate enormous wealth to fund their illegal domination plan. They have enough money to keep the good versus bad struggle going indefinitely.  If the good guys are to win and eliminate evil for good, all of the bad guys’ money and assets need to be confiscated or rendered useless. The “Plan” will create a new money system which will render the old money useless.  All existing legally earned money will be converted to the new system, probably backed by gold and/or similar hard assets, and all illegally acquired money and assets will be confiscated or rendered valueless. The confiscation part of the “Plan” has already been started with Trump’s “Executive Order” issued on December 21, 2017. ** It’s happening world wide. What is happening here in the U.S. is also taking place around the world. Other countries are following Trump’s lead and organizing to  fight corruption in their own countries. Unfortunately you may not be aware of this because the main stream media gives little or no coverage to this topic in world news! What you can do. Hopefully many of you can see the bigger picture. What is happening here requires major attention by our patriot leaders. Yes, the border situation is a concern as well as many other problems being mentioned in the social media. What is way more important now is your understanding of the bigger problem and support for Trump, his team and other world leaders who are fighting for freedom. They have a very big and important destiny to fulfil. For now, do not become obsessed with small problems, like the border etc. These issues will be addressed at the proper time.  Please keep yourself well informed, broaden your knowledge beyond what is presented by main stream media as their perspective is highly biased and spun in a way that supports the bad guys views. Become an independent thinker and researcher. Create your own opinion based on confirmed facts and not influenced by perspectives presented by either the right or left. When you pray or say grace please include some words that focus on the world’s problems. Ask for peace and love, ask for wars, violence and evil to be eliminated and also ask for peace and harmony to prevail everywhere on Earth!  Above all stay calm and keep a positive perspective! The future really does look positive and bright! ** Recent 2019 elections in Britain, Italy, France, Poland, Hungry and India voted leftest leaders out of office and replaced them by conservatives! The tide is changing!
This article was written with the help, encouragement and approval from my divine
friends and of course, that also includes God.
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