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This is a personal website. It’s purpose is to  provide news and perspective about happenings in earth’s past, it’s present and future.   It is supported solely from personal funds and is not a source of income. Content may be derived from other sources and presented from Lou’s point of view. This is my contribution to humanity! ……. Lou Pet
Welcome to Earthology The most recent post is at the top  of the master index at the right. This is not a religious website, however, because   some subjects I talk about are spiritual in nature some aspects of religion may be included from time to time. Some topics discussed relate to current news events but the main goal is to educate and enlighten those who wish to learn more about Earth’s true history, present status and what we all can do to ensure a bright, prosperous, and peaceful future all. I will be discussing the fact that  we, here on Earth, have many friends in the “Unseen Realm” who have already helped us avoid extinction and are currently working with our world leaders to rid the planet of tyrants who have enslaved humanity both  physically and spiritually.  I have so many interesting topics to discuss that will awaken those ready learn what true humanity is all about. Subscribe to one of my social links above to get my notifications when I post new topics. . . . . . .Lou Pet